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Globalwits is China earliest data company that provides international trade data, analysis tools, and foreign trade data terminal services for businesses.

Globalwits covers more than 50% of the world's total trade, realizing cross-database retrieval, flexible unlimited racking, multi-dimensional statistical analysis, real supply chain display and other functions, enabling in-depth mining of the value of transaction data; The system supports free switching between PC and mobile terminals to meet data queries and use demands without time and place limitation; In addition, customers can customize trade information through intelligent services, timely grasp market dynamics and customer trends .l.provcdes customers with comprehensive, accurate, timely and detailed high-quality data i creates a simple, practical. convenient and intelligent ultimate user experience, which redefines the industry standard of foreign trade data.

GTIS5.0 system deeply integrates public data, efficiently links commercial data, and creates a "Trinity foreign trade big data product system integrating. Customs data, Commercial data and Internet Open Data, presenting global market opportunities in a three-dimensional way, helping foreign trade enterprises lay out the global market, and providing business support and decision support for foreign trade companies.


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