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What’s the customs data?

Customs data refers to the information collected and maintained by customs authorities related to the import and export of goods and products.

This includes details such as the description, quantity, value, and country of origin of the goods being imported or exported...

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What is the role and impact of the opening up of customs data on trade?

After the Second Industrial Revolution, capital society developed rapidly. At that time, there was no reference data for companies. Therefore, to develop rapidly and earn more money, all enterprises worked hard to produce day and night.

In the end of one day, there was an oversupply of production capacity and large inventory could not be sold, covered with dust in the warehouse, Kinds of businesses went bankrupt. Milk would rather be poured into the river.

However, using large data for real-time market analysis and enterprise development planning, just like Socialist Market Economy, will produce and sell according to the actual market demands, Ease corporate capital pressure and promote positive market flow. Thereby maintaining the stable and sustainable development of the market and enterprises.

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Making customs data publicly available promotes transparency in international trade. This transparency can help in reducing trade barriers and encouraging fair competition among traders.

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Market Intelligence:

Access to customs data can provide valuable market intelligence for businesses, helping them make informed decisions about market entry, product pricing, and supply chain management.

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Trade Analysis:

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From Macro Perspective

Researchers, policymakers, businesses can use customs data to analyze trade patterns, identify market trends, and assess the impact of trade policies on various industries. 

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From Micro Perspective

Companies can choose lower port fees, faster delivery time, and higher market share by checking the conditions of the departure port and destination port

In what aspects is the value of high-quality customs data to users reflected?

Country coverage, Data update speed, Data accuracy and completeness, Ease of operation database, Commercial contact info database...

As of now, Globalwits have cooperated directly with data sources in global countries that legally open customs data. 

For data on newly opened countries, Globalwits purchased different versions of customs declaration and manifests to choose the data source with the most accurate data and the fastest update speed.

Globalwits always oriented to create customer value, for 28 countries, we have the company contact information database, will help you save the time to find the key person contact info, Reach customers faster and more comprehensively than your peers

During 23 years, Globalwits' orientation of “being customer-centric and creating more value for customers “never changed!

Looking forward to working and developing together with you:)

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