Globalwits Large Data Solution

Solution for Exporter

Monitor global competitors and buyers, and check price of commodities which differ country to country.

Find unexplored trade regions and new markets to expand your business.

Globalwits data for export business

Solutions for Importer 

Find relevant & alternative suppliers of your commodity and proactively monitor shipment details of your competitors & existing partners by accessing import-export data online.

Globalwits data for import business

Solutions for Logistic

Access detailed customs data of importers & exporters and find new prospects based on filter companies by seaport, airport, land port, origin country & more and business size.

Globalwits data for logistic business

Solutions for Consulting Firm

Visualize supply chain, know the market of products, calculate the market share of companies and make future market projections from accurate global trade data and useful insights.

Globalwits data for consulting business

Solutions for Law Firm

Use import export data in your practice to monitor activities of buyers and suppliers that are bound by trade agreements, or see how your clients’ competitors are engaging into international trade.

Globalwits data for law firm business

Solutions for Investment

Access & analyze detailed trade data online and create a filter for companies & markets of interest to identify new investment opportunities.

Keep track of your existing investments from our valuable data.

Globalwits data for Investment business

Solutions for Financial Institutions

Get details of the company’s every trade transaction and develop essential strategies to increase customers.

Track trends in trading partners, volumes, products, locations and trade routes of your applicants.

Globalwits data forfinancial institution Business

Solutions for Trade Promotion Councils

Trade promotion councils use import export data of their members and other essential data to compare industry growth.

They access contacts of importers & exporters at our online platform and approach them to attend trade shows for exploring new opportunities.

Globalwits data for trade promotion councils

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