Founded in Beijing in 2001, Globalwits is a world-renowned provider of trade data and analysis tools, aiming to provide foreign trade data terminal services for international enterprises.

The GTS5.0 system independently developed by the company using large data technology and an international first-class intelligence algorithm, has carried out a large number of technological innovations in the fields of in-depth racking, trade statistics, supply chain diagrams, independent retrieval and so on, and has taken the lead in the world.

Globalwits Trinity Large Data Solution

Globalwits Customs Data

Customs Data

Covering the largest number of countries and updating the fastest, help you to accuratly develop the supplier and customer, monitor your competitor and market analysis

Globalwits Commercial Data

Commercial Data

Help you conduct enterprise qualification investigation, cooperation risk assessment, obtain key person name, their position and contact information, etc.  

Globalwits Internet Data

Internet Open Data

Automatic crawling the open data from the internet and showing you on our customs database, such as the Website, Social Media, Company info, Key person name, contact info, etc.

Globalwits Database Main Function

Globaliwts Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Dynamically displaying market overview, trends, customer analysis, product details, etc, providing multi-dimensional insights into market opportunities

Globaliwts Market Development

Market Development

By setting personalized search conditions, such as the Product name or their H.S. Code, users can quickly match accurate results with simple operations.


Globaliwts Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of market development trends and competitors' situation according to the product or the company name.


Globaliwts Contact info and price

Contact Info Database

We purchased key person contact info of different companies from different country's customs and ministry of commerce to help customers improve development efficiency

Our Vision

Mission: Data Drives Trade,  Wits Creates Value
Value:  Simple,  Focus,  Persistent,  Innovation
Business philosophy:  Excellence Processing,  Precision Marketing,  Fine Management,  Elite Team
Business Strategy:  Data Premiumization,  Quality Customer Optimization, 
Pricing Standardization,  Service Professionalization
Operating principles:  Genuine Goods at Fair Price,  Fair and Equitable,  Co-Sharing Win-win,  Sustainable Management

Globalwits China

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