Globalwits 2023 Annual Celebration Meeting

Globalwits 2023 Annual Celebration Meeting was successfully held.

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During the meeting, Globalwits CEO Mr. Shao Honghua and group management reviewed the company's progress and milestones over the past year, commended outstanding employees and employees who have been on the job for ten years for their hard work and dedication, and outlined Globalwits' company development goals for 2024.

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In the current hot development prospects of large data and Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Shao Honghua introduced the basic direction of the development of customs data led by Globalwits and how to better help the development of domestic and foreign import and export enterprises.

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As the earliest data company established in China and a leader in the customs data industry, Globalwits has achieved huge growth in sales performance and market coverage in 2023. Globalwits' sales exceeded 200 million yuan,  customs data &contact info database from many countries have been newly launched. 

From the release of Globalwits new national customs data to exciting partnerships with the global leading company, we have a lot to be proud of in 2023!

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This year, Globalwits thanks all employees for their firm commitment to the company's mission and values, hard work and selfless dedication and thanks all customers and friends for their trust and continued support and recognition.

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In 2024, Globalwits will continue to explore new country customs data sources to improve product and service dimensions and service quality. We know that there is still much work to be done and we cannot be satisfied with the status quo.

Together, we will address future challenges, innovate new solutions, seize the dividend period of industry development, and grow our company in ways we have never imagined.

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Let's  have another glorious year!